Medically Certified Drivers Help Keep Roads Safe

dot medical certification

Have you ever wondered how commercial drivers stay safe and organized? It is quite a system they all have in place to coordinate these efforts. Most of the guidelines are set by the Department of Transportation (DOT). The training is intense and ensures that all drivers are certified as commercial drivers and have no health problems which can affect driving. Despite this, drivers with such issues may not be noticed without help.

Regular drivers are not necessarily capable of making a call to stop other drivers. If they are not driving properly, drivers with a dot medical certification can stop them for a basic health evaluation. If everything seems to be fine, the mistakes in the driving are not good. This means that the driver will need to have a full medical exam. There are both health problems related to drowsiness and many medications can also compromise driving ability.

This is all for the safety of drivers, both of the truck and the other cars on the road. Safety always comes first and that is why being certified as both a driver and medical examiner is so helpful to the company you work for.

If you do have any underlying health problems, it is always good to catch these things early. It is likely, whatever the condition is, it should be treatable. If the driving drowsiness is caused by medications, perhaps those can be adjusted or there are substitutes. Conditions such as sleep apnea are serious when it comes to driving or maintaining alertness. This health problem causes a lack of oxygen while sleeping, not allowing full, deep sleep.

dot medical certification

It has been determined that sleep apnea compromises the ability drive. For large trucks hauling immense loads, this spells trouble for all drivers on the road. Medical examiners can tell and curtail the situation.